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An addition to the family!

12 July 2011 - less than 1 minute read

I don’t know if many or any people are still following this blog? However I do just want to proudly announce that my future wife to be Femke is now about 8 w...

Macbook Pro

6 April 2011 - 1 minute read

Most of you already know that on my personal PC side, I have switched from PC to Mac. After using an iPhone for over a year by that time I was curious about ...

Wow… time does fly!

1 December 2010 - less than 1 minute read

Wow. it’s been over a year since I have touched this site.

House Hunting

20 September 2009 - 1 minute read

Femke now has her residency visa, so now we move on to setting up our own lives together.

A Dutch Life

29 March 2009 - 5 minute read

My thoughts reflecting back on life in the Netherlands for 3 months and how it compares to Australia.