Water Woes

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Up here in sunny Queensland we are suffering a crippling drought. The combined total of the dams in the area is currently 18.38%

The Water Commission has sent out these little hourglasses to households in Brisbane that are supposed to be timers for 4 minute showers which is what they want us to have.

Now… I guess the idea behind it all was good. but the execution was a little flawed.

It appears they have gone for the cheapest provider for those little hourglasses, and as a result I have found them clogging up and have friends who have issues with them as well.

So should they have bothered? On the one hand, it makes them look like they are being proactive with assisting us with taking shorter showers.

On the other hand, by giving us such crappy products, the people could assume this is just more money and time wasted on a small project which would have been better spent getting our water treatment facilities up and running ASAP.

We need those facilities as there is a good chance we could literally run out of water.

Do you have any thoughts? Will anybody even read this? Drop me a comment and let me know.



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