Weekend in Sydney

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Weekend in Sydney

I have just spent a weekend in Sydney with good friends Bronwen and John. We decided to go there for a photographic weekend and see some cool sites. Over the course of the weekend we did the following:


  • Visited the Three Sisters at Katoomba
  • Visited the “Lucas Cave” within the Jenolan Caves complex south west of Katoomba
  • Missed returning the rental car back to Hertz by 7 minutes… damn traffic.
  • Dined at the Chinta Ria at Darling Harbour Got some awesome night time shots from Hyde Park and Mr MacQuaries Chair (also resulted in uncontrollable shivering thanks to the damn wind!)


  • Breakfast at Circular Quay near the Opera House. Awesome view but we had to wolf down our breakfast before it got too cold!
  • Ferry ride to Cremorne Point for some more photos
  • Met up with John’s sister at Potts Point.
  • Flew back to the Gold Coast and then drove back to Brisbane.

By the end of the weekend, my feet and legs were all sore, I had the beginning of a cold and I was so utterly tired. Would I do it all again? Oh yeah!!

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