Windy Wellington

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In early February, Fem and I stayed in Wellington with my Uncle Jeff, Cath and Jarrod. We were very grateful for their hospitality and was able to get some great advice from them regarding tramping in the south island and general things to do and explore.

While in Wellington we got the auto electrics of Magnum (the name we have given to our Legnum station wagon) sorted out. Seems like earlier in its life Magnum was the victim of a car break in and the electrics were screwed up. After getting in contact with a reputable place from Jeff (thanks!) we were able to get everything sorted out which was great! Now having the car beep like crazy when we leave the lights on is heavenly, since previously we had to call the AA twice when I left the damn lights on!

Other things we were able to do was to meet Jeff’s new gorgeous blue heeler named Jack.

Jeff with Jack

We checked out the view from Mt Victoria.

Wellington City

Also Cath took Fem and I up Mt Kaukau, for some much needed endurance training!

View from the mountain

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