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Journey to Westport

On February 18th, we bid farewell to Nelson Lakes and drove to Westport. On the way we stopped at New Zealand’s longest swing bridge.

Long swingbridge

We also travelled down the Buller Gorge but it was not as visually spectacular as the Gorge down the Forgotten Highway on the North Island. There were still some great sights though.

Scenic Drive


After arriving at Westport we spent 3 nights in a pretty cool hostel and rested. I discovered my toe was infected and needed to be on antibiotics for a week. Oh well.

While at Westport we did a few light activities. These included seeing seal colonies and the lighthouse at Cape Foulwind which was awesome. It’s always great to see wild animals in their natural habitat. (Both seal photos taken by Femke)

Great shots of the rocks

Westport lighthouse


Baby seals

We also saw a few “wekas” a bird similar to the kiwi but not quite.


We also played a game of mini golf which was something that Fem had wanted to do since I got to New Zealand. Guess who won? ;)

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