Several Ponderings so far…

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Several ponderings so far… It has now been one whole month since we started travelling and I have learnt a lot of things along the way. Below I have some general thoughts and ponderings that other people might find interesting and/or amusing.

  • If you go tramping ensure you have shoes other than your tramping boots. Going around campsites barefoot is not fun.
  • You can start a conversation with almost anyone by saying “So where are you from?”
  • Doing a 4 day tramp for the first time is an extreme shock to your body.
  • The human body is extremely adaptable. It can get used to extreme shock reasonably quickly.
  • Everyone staying at holiday parks are usually also on vacation so they are all in a constant “happy mood”. The exception I have noticed is the backpackers on massive buses like the Kiwi Experience. I have yet to see any of them smile or have any expression other than “sulk”. Maybe it’s the bus? or the hectic schedule?
  • Use hammers the correct way when pushing in tent pegs. Otherwise nasty accidents can happen.
  • You are completely at the mercy of the weather. Mother Nature knows you are its bitch and treats you accordingly.

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