Back in Australia (for now)

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Fem and I are now back in Australia. we are now in the last week of our three week stay here until we travel to Holland!

I do admit I have neglected the blog a bit since that last big post about the Whanganui River trip. We have been extremely busy and just have not had a chance to spend time on it.

We have been catching up and friends, relatives and family for the last two weeks. I have also had to sort out tax, insurance and now car issues which are not always fun but need to be done.

Looking back, the entire New Zealand trip was definitely the greatest adventure I have been on. Now we are on our way to do it all again in Europe!

The basic plan is for us to go to Holland and spent Christmas with Femkeā€™s parents. Then before my 3-month tourist visa is up, she will find work. This will allow me to stay there on a residency permit (still needs to be applied for) which will give up to 1 year of time in Holland.

I will then (hopefully) find local work and we will both work and save for around 6 months. We shall then travel around Europe and explore the history, the sights, the castles, the architecture, the cultures and plenty of fine European beers!!

If all goes well, we will be in Europe for 1-2 years. But if it goes badly (residency permit rejected), I will be back in Brisbane in 3 months.

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