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Travel to Wanaka

On the 2nd of March, it was raining almost the whole way from Fox glacier to Wanaka. We originally intended on spending a night at Haast, but since we drove almost straight there, we decided we may as well continue to Wanaka. There were some stops along the way and below are some of the better shots taken on that trip.

Misty mountains

We ended up staying at a lodge, as putting up a tent in the wet did not appeal to us!

The lodge was pretty good, but I can never recall seeing so many signs saying things like “Be quiet!” “Shhh!”, “Don’t make any noise!”. I really felt like I was in a school library and expecting to see some evil librarian peeking out from behind a door. Oh well.

Wanaka itself is north of Queenstown and situated at the bottom edge of Lake Wanaka with even bigger mountains in the background. It was extremely picturesque as you can see!


My knee was playing up a bit so I did a few visits to a physio who confirmed there was a bruised muscle under the kneecap. Wonderful. So I had to take it easy again for a few days. I also looked for a new pair of boots in town but was not able to find anything. :( I was told I would have better chance in Queenstown, so I would just have to wait until then.

Rob Roy Hike

On the 4th of March we did the Rob Roy hike, or rather Fem did the hike and I stayed in the car. This was partly due to my knee and partly due to not having any decent hiking boots. But after an hour I was bored so I did the flat inital section of the hike and got a few shots myself. It was a perfectly sunny day and got some great shots!

Rob Roy Hike

The actual Rob Roy track was at the end of a very long dirt road that had many fords to cross so Magnum certainly was put through his limits!

After Rob Roy we drove back to Wanaka and to Lake Hawea to the north east to get some good shots of it on a good afternoon and ended up with these two.

So peaceful

Stunning view

So after a few days at Wanaka it was time to move onto Queenstown…

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