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Don’t worry! you are at the right page! :)

I have just decided to change my blogging server from blogger to wordpress.

Why did I change? Well, it was rather painful editing and embedding photos via blogger. But I didn’t know of anything better. A few days ago I visited the wordpress site and trialed out their free blogs. I was totally stunned at how much better, flexible and more powerful the interface was. Plus I could also import in all of my blogger posts seamlessly (as you can see below).

Some of the killer features include:

  • Flexible width columns- no more reading a blog in a tiny 400 pixel wide column which has always been a pet peeve of mine
  • Media Library - I can manage my uploaded photos separately to the articles themselves, and even upload whole directories of photos if needed. (blogger was one at a time and embedded in articles so they were too static)
  • Post editor is much better
  • Page designer is more powerful and customisable and on and on….

If you like or hate the new format let me know via the comments below.

More updates coming soon!

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