New hearing aids!

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Hmmm when I was cleaning my car in early August I somehow lost my hearing aid.

After tossing my apartment and my car several times and several days later, I bit the bullet, assumed the aid was gone and started the search for a new one.

The first step was to find a decent audiologist. The provider of my last hearing aid I thought was rather good. but they are down in Sydney which is a bit too far away.

So I had to search locally for a good one. There were three possibilities that I found.

The first was shockingly awful. They could not even organise the correct hearing aid for a trial not once, but twice. Also the aids were poorly configured, so Femke also hated them as well. If she hates them, then they are going back! So I left them quickly, and moved to the second audiologist which is in my local area.

They seemed reasonably okay, but after I went to the third one and saw how great they were the second one was also dropped.

So now with the audiologist sorted out. It was not a case of which aid to look at. There are so many on the market, it helps to have an idea of the specific features you are after to help narrow down the list.

After a long chat with John, We settled for the Moxi brand from Unitron.

This hearing aid is pretty damn good for my loss. I just feel that the in the ear part is a bit weak when it comes to moisture and sweat.

I think it might just be due to the clear cover in the sound canal to stop wax from settling directly on the microphone. Not sure. But hopefully it will be sorted out soon as I have to make a choice to get it or not and pay for the aid.

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