I love my new digital camera

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As most who know me will know, I am heavily into digital photography. About a week ago I picked up a new Canon 30D, which will replace my aging Canon 300D.

Don’t get me wrong.. the 300D is a very good camera… but the 30D. Oh my GOD! It is awesome!

The main features I like about the 30D:

  • Speed. Digic II is just so much faster than Digic I on the 300D
  • Size. Nice large camera to fit my massive hands. I was a bit worried about the tiny 350D.
  • LCD. The 2’5″ LCD is larger than you think. Allows you to see photos better and more clearly.
  • _Features. More features than you can throw a stick at
  • ISO Stops. the ability to increment in 1/3 stops gives you just that little bit extra.
  • Buttons. Three separate controls, the main dial, the quick dial and the hat switch all work together to make using the camera that much more fun and efficient.
  • Body. Nice tough black body. Looks great and semi-pro like.

I will have fun. :)

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