House Hunting

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Femke now has her residency visa, so now we move on to setting up our own lives together.

First was getting joint bank accounts all sorted out. We reviewed all the major banks and decided to end up with Bankwest for our needs. So far we are impressed with the services and the internet banking side of things. Hopefully it will stay that away and we’ll be with them for a while!

Fem then got her Medicare, drivers license and health insurance sorted out reasonably quickly.

Fem is also looking for work. Given the GFC (Global Financial Crisis), jobs are hard to find. But she is working hard and I am sure she will get something soon.

Next was house hunting. We have decided to rent for a few years while we get a deposit ready for buying a house. Turns out a lot of people are also renting as well. The favourite houses from our first list of options were already taken. So we knew we had to be quicker! We are now currently mulling over two houses at the moment with a decision to be made tomorrow.

We also bought a king sized bed yesterday from Bedshed as well. Wahoo! A lot of bedding shops are having big sales on in September so we though it would be ideal to take advantage of them. The store will to hang on to the bed until we are ready to move into our new place.

Fingers crossed we get the housing sorted out soon… stay tuned…

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